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Falling in love with his bounty hunter was never part of the plan. The cost of loving her was always his destiny.

After the Kobalt empire spent decades suppressing Pyron culture, Emperor Cinnabar designed the walled Pyron sector with only one purpose: extermination.

Disrel of Tourmal has little left except his sister, but he won’t accept death without a fight. When the state mandates that all Pyrons relocate to the walled sector, Disrel does not hesitate to don a mask and replace the capitol flag with one that proclaims Pyron is free. What he didn’t count on was a simple act of defiance becoming the symbol of an empire-wide revolution. By the time dawn breaks, a sable commander renowned for catching renegades is on his trail, and Disrel is driven into the center of the resistance against the state.

Decorated Sable Commander Ambrosia is ready for the challenge of pulling Pyron resistors off Tourmal’s streets. But the layers of unrest in the capitol go deeper than a masked renegade inciting insurrection, locking her in a deadly dance between conviction and duty, comrades and terrorists—one that requires a flawless loyalty to the state to survive. And the unassumingly charming Disrel keeps getting in her way.

Disrel and Ambrosia are thrust into each other’s paths—as renegade and sable, as citizens of the empire struggling to survive the upheaval. But as their feelings for each other grow, they’ll have to choose: one love destined to destroy them both, or the fate of an empire?

"No Hero Rises Alone."

He’s a Pyron with a secret identity. She’s a Sable Commander tasked with taking down the Tourmaline Renegade.

The Birthright of Scars duology is a riveting dark science fantasy romance that explores themes of hope and redemption in the face of a genocidal conflict.

Disrel & Ambrosia

What Readers are saying

A Rich & Expansive World

Though set in the capitol sector of the Kobalt empire, the duology gives readers glimpses of a region with a vast history and diverse political landscape. Each book contains three full spread maps to orient readers and provide a sense of the cultures and conflict. 

This world’s history is well enough established that it begs for a myriad spin-offs and standalone stories to be told. Readers who find epic-world building too heavy for their tastes should not fear. The duology treads lightly on political intrigue and historical narrative, offering only what is necessary to set the stage and a little extra to tease the imagination. 

The Characters

Disrel Itzkyre

Grieving the death of his father, Disrel struggles to protect his sister from the state’s mandates against their people and find his place in a divided world. Raised by a Kobalt woman, he’s taken on Kobalt customs, language, education and citizenship, holds a job as a skynmaker—and frankly, feels cut off from his culture and birthright. He has the scars on his back to prove it. Frustrated by the injustices his people face daily, he masks his face and steals the empire flag from the capitol spire, replacing it with one that proclaims: “Pyron is Free.”

In doing so, he unknowingly resurrects a dead legend known as the Tourmaline Renegade, thrusting himself into the heart of the fight for his people’s lives. And all of Pyron is counting on him.

But how can he reconcile with the bloodshed and moral complexities he faces? And will his sister disown him when she discovers his secret?

Sable Commander Ambrosia is transferred to sector Tourmal with orders to capture or kill the Tourmaline Renegade. Restore order. Restore peace at all costs. But the layers of unrest in the capitol go deeper than she could have imagined, locking her in a deadly dance between conviction and duty, comrades and terrorists, one step from the title of Sable Queen or a sable’s cross.

And the unassumingly charming Disrel keeps getting in her way. Everything in her wants to trust him, even if she knows their new friendship is fated to end in bloodshed. But the solace it brings her makes the relationship worth holding on to for as long as possible.

Or is there more to Disrel than meets the eye? And how does the Tourmaline Renegade manage to keep one step ahead of her?