NYC Big Book Awards “Birthright of Scars: Rising Distinguished Favorite

The NYC Big Book Award is a contest that accepts both traditionally and independently published works. It is hosted by Ted and Gabby Olczak and offers a Spring (Independent Press Award) and Fall competition each year. 

The Fall competition competes traditionally published and independently published works under the NYC Big Book Award title.

Each summer, an award dinner is held in New York City for IPA and NYC Big Book winners and finalists of the previous year.

The judges awarded “Birthright of Scars: Rising” a Distinguished Favorite for the sci-fi category in 2023. 

This is the second accolade earned by the prequel and offers promise for the success of this world and its characters in future books. 

“Birthright of Scars: Rising” got a chance to shine before the eyes of people in the publishing industry, and I’m honored that they chose it as a Distinguished Favorite. 

“Birthright of Scars: Rising” is about Disrel, a young Pyron man who adopts a secret identity and fights to save his people from the state sanctioned genocide, but falls in love with his bounty hunter, the highly-skilled Sable Commander Ambrosia. The two of them form an unlikely friendship when the social and political unrest forces them into each other’s paths and are eventually forced to choose between their blood on each other’s hands and the fate of the empire. 

The story is morally nuanced and complex, allowing readers to find themselves among the diverse choices the characters make, and hopefully discern where they would stand if faced with a similar conflict in their own world. 

“Birthright of Scars: Rising” has a sequel, “Birthright of Scars: Choosing” which explores Disrel and Ambrosia’s struggles as friends and potential lovers amid ever-growing stakes and personal loses. 

The Tourmaline Renegade’s story is sure to become a distinguished favorite of sci-fi dystopian fans and romance readers alike for its unique blend of political intrigue, soft science fantasy technology, gritty action, and wholesome romance.