Independent Press Award Winner

In February, “Birthright of Scars: Rising” placed as a Winner of the Independent Press Awards. 

This is the most distinguished award the book has received to date, and the fifth literary honor.

These accolades serve as testaments to the quality of independently published literature and the beauty of the Tourmaline Renegade’s story. 

With a dramatized audiobook version of the story on the horizon, the timing could not have been better. And if you are new to this world and its characters, I hope it encourages you to make this book your next read. 

When I began editing this story in 2021, I knew I had something special. I knew it had a chance in competition, and I knew it deserved recognition. 

But my younger self could have never imagined publishing a book that would win so many prestigious awards. It’s hard to wrap my head around standing where I am today, looking at something that started as a humble idea I wanted to give out for free to my customers but pushed me back into writing professionally. 

I believed in this story’s potential from the moment I decided to “make it better.” I treated it like a masterpiece. And I’m thrilled to know that shows. The hard work is paying off. And I’m encouraged to continue writing professionally for the simple joy of telling great stories that enrich the lives of my readers.

“Birthright of Scars” is an adult sci-fi, second world fantasy blended with dystopia and romance. It explores a number of social and cultural issues through a futuristic-fantasy lens and offers hope and a way forward that readers may be able to apply to their own situations. Buried deep within its layers are examples of what it means to love one another and receive love. This is the spirit it was written in, and why I almost always sign the first copy of the duology with the words, “From my heart to yours.”

Thank you to everyone who believed in me as I was writing this story and through the publishing process. Your encouragement will never be forgotten.

And who knows what the future will hold for this ageless story?