Birthright of Scars: Choosing

Adult Sci-fantasy Romance

Contains trigger warnings for: depictions of torture, brief glimpses of genocide affecting unnamed children.

Romantic content is sweet with a sensual fade to black.

The cost of loving her was always his destiny.

Disrel has stolen the keys to the imperial regime’s murder machine, but the Pyron sector continues swallowing innocent human life by the thousands. The outside world is just as eager to devour them, with the military executing Pyrons on sight, arresting any who shelter them, and pitting prisoners against each other in deadly arena games in exchange for pardon.

As Disrel wrestles impossible odds to keep himself and his sister free of the walls, his identity as the Tourmaline Renegade becomes increasingly difficult to hide from his enemies and the people he loves most.

Sable Commander Ambrosia can no longer deny that the masked renegade she hunts is a hero, and she can’t convince Disrel—or herself—she loves him while leaving thousands of his people to die of starvation behind the Pyron sector walls. As her emperor demands more from her, she is faced with the choice of following orders or damning herself to a traitor’s cross.

But as her love for Disrel grows, so does the Tourmaline Renegade’s ability to see all her secrets, making him the most dangerous opponent she has ever faced.

As the Pyron people’s situation turns dire, Disrel and Ambrosia must decide if their lives are worth risking for a future neither of them can see, or if the price of freedom requires betrayal, despair, and their blood on each other’s hands.


“There was such a strong passion in every word that made the story seem to entwine with my very soul. I’m going through one of the hardest times of my life right now, and reading your book comforted me so much. Certain scenes and their spiritual aspect spoke to me like a balm for my sore heart. This was a beautiful story of love and spirituality that will stir you.

 ~ Rachel Gerkin (Amazon review)


I smiled, I cried, I think I threw something once (IYKYK) lol. I’m officially addicted to this world and its characters, I wanna know what happens next!!! 

~ Cheyenne Rusk (Amazon review)


This book has everything I look for in this genre. …I’m dying to see this on the big screen someday. 🤞🏻 

~ Mark (Amazon Review)


What a tortured yet most beautiful ending to this duet. (Brandt) has outdid herself. This world and these characters she created are so pure. There was so much action, heart wrenching and nail biting moments… And among those scenes there were sweet, tender moments to heal your heart. 

~ Megs Sailing and Reading (Amazon Review)