Birthright of Scars: Rising’s First Award

In June, Readers Favorite awarded “Birthright of Scars: Rising” a Five Star seal and granted a peer review. 

Reviewer Alex Ndirangu called it a “…fun, occasionally tragic, and entertaining book. Highly recommended to fantasy and adventure fans searching for a relatively fast-paced storyline. Also, romance lovers are in for a treat with the slow-burning romance that thrives even in the most unlikely circumstances.” 

The book is available for selection in the Readers’ Favorite monthly giveaways. 

This is the first accolade the series has won and offers promise for the success of this world and its characters in future books. 

“Birthright of Scars: Rising” is about Disrel, a young Pyron man trying to stop the genocide against his people, and Ambrosia, a Sable Commander transferred to the capitol sector to maintain control and prevent insurrection. The two of them form an unlikely friendship when the social and political unrest throws them repeatedly into each other’s paths and are eventually forced to choose between their blood on each other’s hands and the fates of their respective peoples. 

The story is morally nuanced and complex, allowing readers to find themselves among the diverse choices the characters make, and hopefully discern where they would stand if faced with a similar conflict in their own world. 

“Birthright of Scars: Rising” has a sequel, “Birthright of Scars: Choosing” which explores Disrel and Ambrosia’s challenges as friends and potential lovers amid ever-growing stakes and personal loses. 

I hope that the Five Star seal from Readers’ Favorite encourages readers to dive into this sci-fi dystopian fantasy world to experience the raw emotion and powerful conviction of two star-crossed heroes for themselves.